Holly Burger
Branding and print elements for Holly Burger, the coolest burger restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain.

The logotype was inspired from classical American shop windows typographies and the patterns from the 70's wallpapers from Miami hotels.
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Branding, Print Design

    Branding and print elements for Holly Burger.

    Holly Burger is the coolest new burger restaurant in San Sebastián, a small yet, beautiful town at the heart of the Basque Country, in the north of Spain. The restaurant is named after Holly who was the aunt of the restaurant owner, Iñigo Otegui. She is the one responsible for many of the secret burger recipes present in their delicious menu.

    The idea was to create a real american-style brand with a fresh mix of style references. Our first inspiration came from various vintage, hand-drawn American typographies present in old shop windows and a banana leaf wallpaper that had been originally designed in 1942 by decorator Don Loper for the Beverly Hills hotel in Los Angeles, California.

    Menu copywriting: Claudio Salvador Fra